About Debra March

Debra March is a Nevada resident for more than 40 years. Debra has a track record of working effectively for smart growth, citizen involvement, preservation of neighborhood, fiscal responsibility and sustainable community planning. Debra was appointed to represent Henderson’s Ward II residents in July 2009 and was subsequently elected for a full term in April 2011. Councilwoman March serves with the mayor and fellow council members as the legislative branch of the Henderson community, responsible for setting policies that have earned the city the reputation of being one of the best places to live according to major organizations and publications.

A Henderson resident for more than 25 years, Debra has a long track record of service to the city and her community. She serves on the Henderson Community Foundation board; is a member of the Henderson Open Space and Trails Advisory and Henderson Limited Transition Area Committees; and served on the city of Henderson Planning Commission from 2004 to 2009. A member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Debra was on the founding board and first year advance chair of Leadership Henderson.

Debra has focused her attention on local and regional issues with the intention of improving the quality of life for our residents. Some of Debra’s achievements are:

  • Broadened southern Nevada’s economic development and diversification regional scope while serving on the NDA’s governing body where we adopted a new strategic direction, and transitioned the organization to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. Serve as chair of the regional initiative, Southern Nevada Strong.
  • Serve as Vice Chair of the Regional Transportation Commission, cooperated in forwarding an initiative for the indexing of gas revenues to create jobs and support infrastructure in southern Nevada. The passage resulted in $800M in bonding capacity to fund the construction of 158 projects across the region.
  • Set Fiscal policies for Henderson’s continued viability and prosperity, reducing the budget by $126Million, increased transparency and gained the cooperation and trust of the bargaining units.
  • Successfully renegotiated the Inspirada Development Agreement, enabling the project to resume with two parks now under construction.
  • Championed single stream recycling and as president of the Nevada League of Cities, successfully advocated for legislation allowing the outside storage of trash containers in HOA governed communities.

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