Nevada Health Centers, Inc.

Nevada Health Centers is a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare services to more than 50,000 babies, children and adults in city, rural and frontier communities throughout Nevada each year.

Established in 1977, Nevada Health Centers is proud to be one of the first federally funded Community Health Centers, as authorized under the Public Health Services Act of 1976. In keeping with our mission of providing access to quality healthcare services throughout Nevada, Nevada Health Centers is the largest provider of primary care for the uninsured, underinsured, and/or geographically isolated people in the state — in some cases, our rural and frontier clinics are the only places for people to get healthcare without having to travel hundreds of miles. We are able to offer a sliding fee scale based on federal poverty levels.
Our Services

Nevada Health Centers offers a wide variety of healthcare services for you and your family.

Primary (routine) medical services

Using the family practice model of providing care for all ages, our skilled primary care teams specialize in providing:

Basic, routine care like physical exams, immunizations, care for illnesses like a cold or the flu, minor procedures, help to ensure that you are taking the medicine that is right for you
Help with ongoing (chronic) health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems
Basic care and stabilization in the event of an accident or medical emergency
Care for babies and children (pediatrics)
Women’s special healthcare, including before, during and after pregnancy as well as family planning (OB/GYN)
Mobile mammograms by our traveling Mammovan
Referral to a specialist, if needed

Dental services

Because dental health is important and can affect overall well-being, we also offer:

Routine, preventive dental services
Dental services that restore how your teeth work and look
Dental care just for kids from our traveling Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

Other convenient services

Basic x-rays
WIC (Women, Infant and Children) healthcare referral, supplemental food and nutrition education program
After-hours answering service
Health education and community outreach

We have some additional services including OB/GYN, dental and a Healthcare for the Homeless site in Las Vegas. Nevada Health Centers also offers dental care in Elko. Please refer to our Locations Tab at the top of your screen to find the medical or dental site closest to you and see what services they offer.

We encourage all new patients to come in for a preventive care exam to meet our staff and establish a health care home prior to illness. Most of our community health centers are considered Family Practice sites where healthcare is provided to everyone from birth through aging.

How to make an appointment: Call us at 800.787.2568

Address: 1799 Mount Mariah Drive, 2nd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone: (702) 307-5414
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