REM Business Consulting, LLC

REM Business Consulting, LLC provides candid, direct, and useful information that businesses need to make the right decisions to protect your business or nonprofit.  A risk management program is an important part of a good operational business plan.  Obtaining an operational risk assessment is like having a house inspection or a vehicle inspection so that you know and understand the condition upfront so you won’t be surprised down the road.  An operational risk assessment is a front door to back door review of your business or nonprofit in which we identify the potential risks, explain those risks, and help you to address or prepare for those risks.  Through our operational risk assessment process we can identify potential risks in the 6 operational risk areas: Fraud or Theft, Safety or Security, Internal Controls, Legal or Liability Issues, Trusted Employee or Volunteers, and Financial or Insurance Exposure.   Any unexpected risk event can cause damage to your company or nonprofit financial situation, and/or your reputation.  REM Business Consulting is a perfect outsourcing partner for businesses who don’t have the resources to deal with all the associated risks that are in today’s business environment. We also provide consulting services in the areas of Security, Investigations, Loss Prevention, Fraud Prevention, and Law Enforcement Relations.  We are committed to providing a balanced approach for businesses using onsite risk assessments and real time consulting services that are effective, reasonable, and economical.  With over 25 years of investigative, security, fraud, and law enforcement experience, in both the private sector and government, we are well suited to providing the best consulting service for our clients.

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