City Lights Art Gallery is proud to announce a new exhibit, “ALLURE” by award-winning artist, Patricia Bason for the month of May.

A Meet the Artist reception is scheduled for Sunday, May 15th from 1- 4pm (concurrent with City Lights Arts & Eats)

Bason began in New York as a commercial artist chasing deadlines with sketches of summer dresses and silk pajamas.  Along the way she has painted in California, Virginia, Texas and is now a recent transplant to Nevada where the dancing palm trees, the Strip\’s mix of gaudy and elegant, and the underlying sense of mystery have captured her imagination.  She is currently painting in oils and moving from the traditional realism of the Dutch Masters to the vibrancy of contemporary design.

When asked what attracts her to a painting, Bason replies, “Typically, strong colors and dramatic contrasts catch my attention.  Impact is also a factor.  Elegant landscapes calm me down, and clever people scenes leave me smiling.  What truly pulls me back, however, are the paintings that have an understated element, a sense of mystery.  You can feel an allure that’s silent, hidden, and yet almost tangible.

Bason’s work has elegance and a depth of color that is truly remarkable.  From stunning flowers in vases that make you ache for their beauty to faces that make you want to ask “what’s going on?”, spending time with her work is definitely worth the trip!

Patricia Bason is a member of City Lights Art Gallery and also has online art classes.   Her work can be found at homes throughout the country.  For more about Bason and her work, please visit and  For her online class:


City Lights Art Classes in watercolor, acrylic, abstract water media, drawing and oil are currently being offered!  Aspiring artists or those simply looking to refresh their skills are welcome.

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