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BBig Financial Solutions LLC

Bernard Barchie
Henderson Nevada

About BBig Financial Solutions LLC

• Father of an incredible young man Named Daniel.
• Spiritually focused and loves being in nature for the beauty, serenity and powerful energy generated from the sun.
• Holds a Business Management Degree in accounting from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh PA
• Certified Pastry Chef from the Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI and has a Certified Culinary Degree from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
• Formerly has 33 Years in the hospitality industry as Certified Corporate Executive.
• 4 years in the Financial Industry as a financial literacy educator teaching wealth building strategies used by banks, corporation and the now, upper 5%.
• 2-years mentorship and training on the IBC with an IBC practitioner and graduate from the Nelson Nash Institute
• Owner and CEO of BBig Financial Solutions LLC in Henderson NV
• Holds a NV residency Life License and Licensed in 13 other states and can-do business in all 50-states along with educating foreign nationals on these strategies.
• Incorporated the company February 27, 2020 and has built BBig’s net worth from 50k in 2020 to over 4.2 mil year to date and growing.
• If I can do this so, can you!