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Welcome to the Redevelop That! podcast! A sit-down

discussion with local businesses, stakeholders and property owners who have chosen to locate their business or invest in one of the City of Henderson’s Redevelopment Areas.

The most current episode has just released!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Humes with Rooftop Realty. Rooftop is a Henderson based realty group who can meet all of your residential, commercial, real estate management needs. Eric started Rooftop back in 2004 and has expanded his business from just buying and selling residential to include a host of other real estate services.

Take a moment and listen in on our interview with Eric!

Exciting News!

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Redevelopment is here to remove barriers!

Redevelopment’s mission is to remove barriers that prevent investment, new construction and the creation of new jobs. We are here to help you!

Redevelopment Agency

Redevelopment Works!

Redevelopment Agencies are one of the most important tools a community has to help breathe new life into areas in need of revitalization, economic development and provide new opportunities.


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