Special Event Liquor Ordinance Changes


City staff has prepared a change to Henderson’s Municipal Code that will allow licensed establishments to sell beer and wine that can be consumed outside during designated special events on Water Street. The changes to Title IV of the municipal code will enable liquor licensees that hold an on-sale liquor license to sell beer and wine in plastic or paper cups within their establishment that can then be taken outside by patrons and consumed while a special event is occurring. This change only applies to beer and wine sales and all other alcohol types will still be prohibited from being transported and consumed outside.

Under the new ordinance change, a designated city event is defined as an event during which Water Street is closed to through traffic. No special permits or fees will be needed to sell beer and wine to be consumed outside, as long as the establishment is selling the beer and wine in their normal manner. If licensees still wish to sell alcohol outside of their establishments in a manner not consistent with day to day business practices, then a Special Event Liquor Permit would still be required and they would need to contact the city.

The purpose of this ordinance change is to provide downtown food and beverage businesses with the opportunity to participate in city special events without getting any special licenses or paying any additional fees. These changes will be considered by City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting in the near future.

If you have further questions or want a copy of the ordinance changes please contact Mike Cathcart, Business Operations Manager at 702-267-1769 or e-mail at Michael.Cathcart@cityofhenderson.com