Water Street District Business Association

WSDBA members enjoy a wide range of Benefits, from additional exposure and marketing opportunities to the satisfaction of knowing they’re shaping the future of our community for generations to come.

The Water Street District Business Association (WSDBA) is a group of dedicated business leaders committed to the shared success of the enterprises located on and around historic Water Street.

Together, association members develop strategies and serve as problem-solvers and visionaries for the entire district and act as advocates in the community and other organizations.

Imagine meeting a really great group of conscientious, hard-working business owners, doing their best to make Henderson a great place to live and work, for everyone. Here they are.
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Shelly B.
5 star


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Mourning S.

After the remodeling is finished it’s going to be fantastic, right now the layout looks wonderful, a few fountains shade trees and grass will turn it into an oasis

Kevin C.

Very cool part of town…seems to be having a rebirth… cool local bars and stores..we had a good time..

Lorie G.

I love this area. The shops and the eateries are off the hook. And such cute items for kids and my hubby like the taverns 😉


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National Cost Recovery Services, LLC [dir-last]

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About National Cost Recovery Services, LLC [dir-last]

We are cost/expense reduction consultants. we are that outside set of eyeballs that find hidden money in your business. We do this by auditing your operational expenses: Workers/comp, Merchant Services, Utilities, Telecom, Uniform Rentals, Shipping, ect. We do not move or change your vendors. We are auditing them, and finding where they are overcharging you. As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Every service is done on a contingent basis, no savings no fees. We make our living finding savings.