Join a Committee

There are many ways that you can get involved with the Water Street District Business Association. The best way is to join a committee and be actively involved in the revitalization of the Water Street District. There are four committees to choose from:

Membership/Advocacy Committee Responsibilities
Goal – (1) Create value in becoming a member and the desire to remain a member!
(2) Our cause is to influence public opinion, and ultimately policy. Drive change through social media and create public awareness and encourage customer and patron support of the downtown area of the City of Henderson, the Water Street District.

o  Create and maintain systems for recruiting new members, via telephone email and in-person contact; following up; providing a warm and welcoming onboarding of new members

o  Advise and encourage member participation in WSDBA activities and opportunities


o  Create processes for member retention – continue reaching out to members about their needs and how WSDBA can help

o   Serve as a voice for Water Street area businesses: encouraging business growth and opportunity in the Water Street area; connecting businesses with each other; and connecting businesses with the City of Henderson as appropriate.

o  Coordinate and communicate with the City of Henderson personnel regarding media campaign, general activity, new developments in the Water Street area, and how WSDBA may be involved.

o  Coordinate and communicate with the City of Henderson Police Department regarding matters impacting Water Street area businesses.

o  Coordinate and communicate with Henderson Chamber of Commerce regarding collaborations as business associations serving Henderson, Henderson events, Henderson publicity, and more.

If you would like to participate in this committee please click here

Events Committee Responsibilities:
Goal – To increase WSDBA exposure within the community by creating effective and engaging events and helping to increase membership and assist businesses in the Water Street District.

Membership Mixers/NOWS/Workshops on Water/Shop Small Henderson
o   Plan monthly networking events and educational Workshops on Water (WOW) to promote WSDBA in the community, educate small business owners and increase membership

o   Plan quarterly News on Water Street (NOW) events to highlight exciting events happening on Water Street or in the District

o   Work closely with all stakeholders and WSD businesses to execute our annual Shop Small Henderson event the Saturday after Thanksgiving

o   Inform membership of upcoming City of Henderson events and networking opportunities to create awareness of WSDBA

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Water 5
Communications Committee Responsibilities:
Goal – Manage the brand and message of the WSDBA to provide professional and timely information to our membership and the community

WSDBA Communications Team
Responsibilities include:

o    Work closely with President to create annual communications/marketing plan for the WSDBA
o    Manage the marketing direction, creation and implementation of all advertising and promotion
o    Manage brand identity for the WSDBA
o    Manage key messages through social media, press releases, email newsletters, WSDBA website
o    Work cross-functionally with VPs of Membership, Events and Advocacy to insure timely communication for all activities and messages
o    Manage Communications budget

If you would like to participate in this committee please click here

Sponsorship Committee Responsibilities:

Create and maintain systems for recruiting new members:
o  Responsible for implementation of the annual sponsorship campaign.
o  Runs the annual fundraising program based on a budget goal established by the board at its annual planning session.
o  Where existing relationships exist, this Committee engages all board members in the process of seeking sponsorships by maintaining a target list of companies for board member review.

On-boarding new sponsors
o    Visit new sponsors to make a connection, answer questions, and thank them for their contribution.

o    Responsible for maintaining relationships with the existing sponsors throughout the year.
o    Keep sponsors informed of how their sponsorship dollars are being used in the community to grow the Water Street District.

Other responsibilities
o    In addition, this Committee tracks commitments, issues updated reports, helps with invoices, letters, and other collateral material

If you would like to participate in this committee please click here